Maxxine Dupri Details 2024 Goals, Names Tournament She Wishes WWE Would Bring Back

Maxxine Dupri has found a place for herself on WWE's main roster as part of the Alpha Academy, but she recently came under fire from some fans when she was heckled at a live event due to her in-ring performance. While her fellow WWE Superstars were quick to defend Dupri online, she has made it clear she's working hard, and she's also set targets to try and step up all aspects of her game.


"I really want to improve in the ring and just continue to prove myself there, even with promo skills and everything," she said on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." "I think my goal for this year is I just want to have a match or something in December where I look back in January at what I did and be like, 'Oh it's not even the same person.' That's my goal, honestly."

Dupri admitted that she feels lucky to be in her position, and her overall goal is to do this for as long as she can. However, she also has her heart set on WWE bringing back a popular concept that could see her team up with her fellow Alpha Academy stars.

"As long as they will employ me, I want to be in WWE. I have so much fun, and I am happy to do whatever they want me to do. I love going to work, I love performing, I love the people I work with," she said. "Of course I would love to win some gold or something fun like that ... I would love if they brought back a Mixed Tag challenge, or a mixed tag team belt, something like that would be awesome."


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