AEW Stars Johnny TV And Taya Valkyrie Talk About Working Together

Johnny TV — formerly known as John Morrison in WWE — and his partner Taya Valkyrie have been married since 2018. Over the years, the pair have crossed paths in the ring on several occasions, teaming up in promotions such as Impact Wrestling (now once again known as TNA) and GCW, as well as being opponents at events like AAA Ring Rock StAAArs in 2022. Currently, Morrison and Valkyrie are signed full-time with AEW, and the duo discussed recently being paired together again in Tony Khan's promotion on "AEW Unrestricted."


"It was 2019 when John left when I was still at Impact, and we really hadn't been on TV consistently together since then," Valkyrie said. "We'd done a few episodes of MLW in the midst of all that, but nothing [like] how we're doing now, so it's really been like — we've both had to get used to each other again and how our dynamic is on camera, by the ring, everything. We've both changed as performers as well and grown. I'm a totally different person than I was in 2019, and so's John, so it's been really cool to rediscover our dynamic as performers. And as a couple too, how we deal with ideas and playing off each other."

Morrison believes he and Valkyrie are the best versions of themselves as performers and people. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion added that this current period working with Valkyrie is the one he's enjoying the most. Since Valentine's Day on February 14, episodes of "Johnny Loves Taya" — described as wrestling's first rom-com — have been uploaded weekly to AEW's YouTube channel. The former John Morrison was released by WWE in 2021 following a short return to the promotion.


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