Mercedes Mone Talks About Pressure, Passion, And Making Dreams Possible

Mercedes Mone has been considered one of the hottest free agents since leaving WWE in 2022. Since her debut on the Japanese scene, many have speculated what her next move will be, though Mone has remained coy about her future. In a recent interview with "The Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast," Mone commented on her legacy in wrestling and what she plans to leave behind in the end.


According to the star, she doesn't consider her space in the industry as a responsibility because her passion drives her. "It's my sole purpose. It's what I'm chasing to do, equality in this business and making this business safe for women and respected for women. So, responsibility? Sure, you can put it on me, but it's my goal. It's what makes me so passionate about this business."

Interestingly, she brushed off claims that she's too focused on making money. "Like, root of all evil? You can have that voodoo for yourself. But money changes everything." Despite this, she claimed that her financial advantage has allowed her to take care of her mother and brother. "Nobody can say nothing to me. They can't break me. They can't hurt me. It's a passion thing, I love wrestling."


Mone then claimed she wants to inspire others by making them believe they shouldn't give up on themselves. She then looked back at her 14 years in the industry and said she has no timeline for an eventual retirement. "Once I'm done in the ring, there's so much more that's going to be done. I want to be part of this business forever, and you're always going to feel that Mone Effect. Always in women's wrestling."

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