Chelsea Green Recalls The Matt Cardona Incident That Made Her Worry About WWE Career

Chelsea Green has been a prominent role on WWE television since returning to the company. Winning the Women's Tag Team Championships with Sonya Deville was undoubtedly a peak moment for her, but what should have been a time of celebration ended up with Green being left with opposite feelings due to her husband, Matt Cardona. He opted to celebrate her big moment by ordering a replica title to wear at a DDT Pro event, leaving Green fearing for her job.


"Everyone thought because he was in Japan on my days off, everyone thought it was the real belt," she told "Lightweights Podcast." "I was just waiting for someone to call me at work and ask. Thank God they did not believe it. But I was worried, I'm not going to lie, because he does stuff like that, he does crazy things." 

Cardona was backstage at the "WWE Raw" show in Atlanta to see Green and Deville capture the titles. Green revealed that he immediately went online to purchase the replica title. At the time, Cardona was using Green's success to help with his own marketing by describing himself as one-half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, which is why he decided to get the title for his entrance.


"He didn't ask me, he didn't tell me, I saw him with it in Japan," she said. "He makes videos out of all my wrestling stuff, I am the butt of all his jokes, so I really thought the WWE was going to get mad at me and I was going to have to prove, 'Here I am, this is the belt, he's got a different one.'"

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