AEW Star Max Caster Issues Statement Following Controversial Tweets

AEW World Trios Champion Max Caster has issued a statement on social media following some rather unusual activity on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account. On March 10, Caster began posting hostile messages on social media, which was only amplified by fans who called him out afterward, only for the star to hit back at them. However, Caster has since posted a lengthy message on X, claiming that his account was hacked and that he wrote none of the messages sent over the past 24 hours.


"From Max, Hello, users of X (formerly Twitter). My followers, my former followers, and wrestling fans...Last night, while I was asleep, I was hacked by a hacker. That person proceeded to correspond antagonizing messages to you, the fans. They caused a lot of problems that I would never intend to start. Ironically, I stand behind all the opinions and statements made by my hacker, and I will not be deleting the posts. However, rest assured that I have full control of my account once again. Thank you for understanding. Humbly, The Best Wrestler Alive."

The messages gained steam when news broke that AEW had reportedly been in talks with former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin, to which Caster responded on X with, "We don't want him!" Caster hasn't had a good time regarding his mic work as of late either, as an accidental stumble during a recent episode of "Collision" has led to him messing up some of his raps. At the same time, on other occasions, he has been interrupted by Jay White, who has prevented him from finishing his bars. At the time of writing, there's no word on whether Caster will be punished by AEW or what this could mean for his reign as one-third of the AEW World Trios Champions.