Why Eric Bischoff Says AEW Has To Be Careful How It Uses Will Ospreay

To say that Will Ospreay has made an impact in AEW in 2024 would be an understatement. The Englishman has been working full-time for the company for two weeks and has already dropped people's jaws with matches against Konosuke Takeshita and Kyle Fletcher, and has already got a match with Bryan Danielson lined up in the near future. One person who is a big fan of Ospreay's work is Eric Bischoff, who said on his "83 Weeks" podcast that AEW needs to be careful on how they use him as he is already so good in the ring.


"I think the biggest challenge that AEW is going to have with Will Ospreay is because he's so far ahead of everybody else on that roster, not only in terms of what he's capable if doing in the ring...better be careful how you use him, because there's not a lot of people that can keep up with him on that roster." Bischoff admitted that perhaps people like Kyle Fletcher or Kazuchika Okada could keep up with Ospreay, but that at a certain point AEW might get to a stage where they have ran out of people to put against Ospreay who are on, or near his level.

How would Bischoff use Ospreay if he was in charge? Simple. He'd try and make him a special attraction. "He'd be my Hulk Hogan when Hogan came to WCW. He'd be The Undertaker in WWE towards the end of Undertaker's career. I would be very judicious, I would make him so special and make people so hungry to see him perform that he remains that attraction." Bischoff explained that AEW should do the opposite to what they did with CM Punk when he first joined the company, where Punk wrestled a number of different people on TV before getting to the big matches.


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