Will Ospreay Vs. Bryan Danielson Dream Match Officially Set For AEW Dynasty PPV

AEW Dynasty, the latest new pay-per-view event from promoter Tony Khan, is coming to St. Louis, Missouri, on April 21, and Khan wasted little time announcing the first match on the card. For the first time ever, Will Ospreay will take on Bryan Danielson in a dream match between two generations of independent wrestling icons.


The first hint of the match occurred at the end of Wednesday's "AEW Dynamite," when Danielson confronted Ospreay following his victory over Kyle Fletcher. It was subsequently reported that the match was likely to be booked for the PPV, and Khan didn't make the fans wait long for confirmation. After Danielson defeated Shane Taylor in the opening match of "AEW Collision," Ospreay returned the favor, coming out to the ring and asking for a pair of microphones. The ensuing exchange laid out a simplistic, if clear, rationale for the dream match: Ospreay says he's in AEW to prove he's the best in the world; Danielson wants to give him that chance. Without further ado, Danielson laid out the challenge at Dynasty, and Ospreay accepted, shaking Danielson's hand.


Ospreay vs. Danielson is the first match locked in for Dynasty, which was announced during AEW Revolution last Sunday. The two have never met before in a wrestling ring in any promotion under any stipulation.