Eric Bischoff Assesses AEW Star Will Ospreay After Revolution 2024

Will Ospreay competed in his first match as an official member of the AEW roster at AEW Revolution, defeating Konosuke Takeshita in a match that has been heavily praised by fans and critics alike such as Eric Bischoff, who labeled the Englishman's performance "otherworldly."


"He was so good," Bischoff said on "83 Weeks." "His timing, his balance, the pacing, his selling -– he sells really, really well. Sometimes I assume incorrectly that a guy with the kind of offense and athleticism of Will Ospreay will probably not be so great at selling, as selling is its own unique art form. But he's good at it. He sells real, he doesn't sell dead." 

Bischoff enjoyed Ospreay's encounter with Takeshita, and was impressed by both men but admitted he feels there's a stronger character in Ospreay at the moment. While some have compared him to Kenny Omega or AJ Styles, Bischoff believes he's unique enough to be his own star in the business.

"There's something about his use of facials, he takes his time with his body language and positioning, he's such a star," he said.


However, Bischoff does have one worry about Ospreay and how he's going to be used moving forward. The WWE Hall of Famer doesn't want to see the former NJPW star wrestling every single week.

"I hope AEW keeps him special," he said. "If we see him every week, like we saw CM Punk go out and wrestle a bunch of green guys every week, that will cool him off so fast if they overexpose him and don't treat him like the attraction that he should be treated."

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