WWE Star Chelsea Green Discusses Her Experiences In Saudi Arabia

WWE superstar Chelsea Green recently visited Saudi Arabia for a WWE event, and despite being apprehensive at first, she revealed that the trip ended up being a wonderful experience.

Green recently sat down with Joe Vulpis on an episode of the "Lightweights Podcast" to talk about her career and recent experience in Saudi Arabia with WWE.


"It was amazing. It was seriously eye-opening because going there, a lot of people, especially Americans and Canadians, were like, 'Oh be safe, don't do this, don't do that.' They were so amazing and so welcoming." Green said that after mentioning her liking for soccer, she was gifted an Al Nassr jersey bearing the name of Cristiano Ronaldo by the Saudi hosts. "They're so sweet," she lovingly said.

Green's Riyadh visit was for the grand opening of the WWE Experience exhibit, which she was a part of alongside Natalya, Jinder Mahal, and Braun Strowman. She had only positive things to say about the grandiose presentation that was put on. 

"I was there for 24 hours. It was just to open up the WWE Experience which is essentially a massive experience. There's a Hall of Fame, there's an area where you can turn into a WWE superstar and do your entrance, there's an area with an escape room. Honestly, if I got started, this whole podcast would be about the WWE Experience because it was like nothing I've ever experienced before," said the former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion.


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