Kevin Sullivan On Whether Dustin And Brandi Rhodes Should Appear At WWE WrestleMania

Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan has discussed if Cody Rhodes should bring backup in the form of his wife Brandi Rhodes, and his brother and AEW star Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes is part of one of the most celebrated wrestling families and he's in a feud with another iconic wrestling family, the Anoaʻi family, but Sullivan feels that "The American Nightmare" shouldn't bring his family into this feud, yet.


"I think later it would be cool [to add Dustin Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes to the storyline], but right now they've focused in, they got it under the microscope and they're dialing it in and they want it perfect," said Sullivan on "Tuesday with The Taskmaster." "I don't think they want to do anything to take away from the seriousness — and this isn't knocking anybody — but this thing they've got now is very fragile. This angle is so precious but it's very fragile, they don't want to blur that microscope."

Sullivan thinks highly of Rhodes' storyline with The Bloodline, calling it "the greatest angle" that he's witnessed, and argues that the storyline shouldn't be diluted.

"The thing is, you gotta keep this laser-focused. You don't want to bring in anything that's tongue-in-cheek or getting too cute. You want to make this because, to me, this is the greatest angle I've ever seen," added Sullivan.


Rhodes referenced his wife Brandi on this week's "WWE Raw," stating that he wants to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship for her and his mother. Brandi, who was formerly an announcer in WWE, hasn't featured on WWE television ever since Cody returned to WWE. Rhodes's half-brother, Dustin, is currently in AEW, and it's unlikely that he will be involved in any angle in WWE as long as he's a part of AEW. 

But, Cody has others in his extended family that he could maybe call as backup, two of whom are his uncles, Fred Ottman — formerly known as The Shockmaster in WCW, and The Nasty Boys's Jerry Sags.