Rob Van Dam Talks About Who Should Induct Paul Heyman Into WWE Hall Of Fame

After nearly 40 years in the wrestling business, Paul Heyman is set to get his flowers this April as he headlines the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame class. The induction ceremony, which takes place on April 5, will see Heyman honored in the city that he may not have been born in, but left a legacy that still gets talked about today, Philadelphia. Almost immediately after it was announced Heyman was getting inducted, people asked who would be the one to induct him, with many suggesting someone from ECW.


Rob Van Dam was a name mentioned, but on his "1 Of A Kind" podcast, RVD felt as if there were better options besides him. "I think they can definitely find somebody better than me," RVD said. "It would be an honor, and of course if I was asked to do it I would give it my best. I think I would want input from other wrestlers too that I think that should have got picked, probably over me. [Tommy] Dreamer, Bubba [Ray Dudley], Taz, those guys, they know Paul a lot more than I do. They were in New York, I would see him on the weekends, they would see him all week too, and they were there in the office and the production studio helping with the TV and also the merchandise, booking towns, everything, they really worked with him."


RVD also suggested some of the wrestlers Heyman managed before he ran ECW. Stars like The Undertaker and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin have a long history with Heyman from his time as Paul E. Dangerously in WCW, while some have suggested that CM Punk should induct him, given that Punk will no longer be competing at WrestleMania 40 due to a triceps injury.

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