Kevin Sullivan Weighs In On Potential WWE Feud Between Randy Orton And Cody Rhodes

While Randy Orton returned to WWE in an effort to assist Cody Rhodes' 2023 WarGames team, several fans have expressed interest in seeing the long-time friends pivot in a much different direction. On a recent episode of "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan weighed in on this idea, specifically highlighting the possibility of a full-on feud between Orton and Rhodes this year.


"It's gonna happen," Sullivan confidently said. "They could do a magnificent job of telling the story because remember came in and there were the Legacy? You can bring that in. They started together. Randy accomplished something that Cody hadn't accomplished before him — he became [world] champion. There's a lot of things they can go with, and I happen to think that Randy's fabulous."

As Sullivan alluded, the history between Orton and Rhodes extends way back to 2008, when the two, in addition to Ted DiBiase Jr., formed the Legacy stable. Orton, the veteran of the group, served as the trio's official leader, while Rhodes and DiBiase aided him in bringing two more WWE Championship reigns to his growing resume. 16 years later, Cody Rhodes finds himself in a position to potentially claim his first world title as he challenges Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40. The journey to get there, however, has presented a number of challenges — most of which can be attributed to the Bloodline. 


Orton and Rhodes' last televised singles match took place on a September 2013 episode of "WWE Raw," after which Rhodes was fired (in kayfabe) for losing. Rhodes would be reinstated the following month when he and his brother, Goldust, defeated Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at WWE Battleground.

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