Tony Khan Discusses Darby Allin's Rationale Behind Glass Spot At AEW Revolution

AEW Revolution 2024 was filled with memorable moments, with Sting's retirement match at the end of the show being celebrated by many as one of the best send-offs in the history of the business. One moment that got the bulk of the coverage coming out of the show was Darby Allin doing a stunt that even the most fearless of stuntmen would wince at. Allin dove off a ladder from inside the ring, crashing through a spread of chairs and a pane of glass in a moment that will be featured in highlight packages for many years.


Speaking with "TV Insider," AEW President Tony Khan was asked about the spot and what possessed him to sign off on something so dangerous. Khan responded by saying that he would never let one of his wrestlers do something if he didn't think it was going to be safe. "It has to be something safe," Khan said. "Whenever a wrestler comes in and wants to try something, especially dangerous, I just want to know that there is a safe way to do it. Darby Allin, every time, he has ever had an idea for a wild highspot or a crazy move, he has had a rationale and plan. Darby doesn't take these things lightly. Nobody would have attempted the amount of crazy, wild, death-defying stunts Darby has done in his tenure and made it this far unless they are a methodical, organized planner."


Khan stated that Darby is obsessed with not only trying to pull off things that look incredible and impossible in their own right, but he always manages to find a way to pull them off in a safe matter. This was emphasized by the fact that Allin looked like he could have died performing the spot, but only required 12 stitches in his back and will be wrestling Jay White this Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite."