Backstage Details On How Sting's AEW Revolution Retirement Match Came Together

This past Sunday, AEW Revolution went off the air by putting a definitive bow on the illustrious career of Sting with one final match. The performance featured death-defying stunts, entertaining cameos, emotional storytelling, and so much more, with positive reactions from many fans and people within the industry. A new report from Sports Illustrated now fills in some detail on what went into bringing the AEW World Tag Team Championship bout to life last weekend.


The match was said to have gone according to plan and featured little improvisation. That includes Darby Allin's dive from the top of a ladder down into a pane of glass, which was a spot that Allin reportedly pushed for. There was said to have been a backup plan in case they couldn't go through with the glass stunt but it was not needed.

Extra rehearsal time was allotted to practice for the glass spot in particular, with a stunt coordinator being brought in to help keep everything in order and as safe as possible. Additionally, nearby doctors were kept on "high alert," aware of the impending stunt and ready to step in if needed. If Allin was unable to make his way back into the match, there was another backup plan that would've seen a different conclusion.


Though he wasn't physically involved, commentator Jim Ross also received praise for his involvement in Sunday's main event. Ross and the other commentators were reportedly not filled in on the specifics of the match, lending their calls an organic quality.

Sting and Allin were victorious on Sunday, and it seems as though nearly everyone involved was in favor of that finish except for, initially, Sting himself. "The Icon" was said to have pushed for the Young Bucks to get the victory, but AEW CEO Tony Khan and others were adamant that Sting go out on top.