Eddie Kingston Discusses Reaction To Sting's Final Match At AEW Revolution

AEW Revolution 2024 was a special night for professional wrestling, as Sting managed to win his final match in one of the biggest matches in AEW history. "The Icon" and Darby Allin defeated The Young Bucks in a brutal Tornado Tag match to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship in a bout that saw Sting's sons get involved, both Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat get attacked, and Allin dive through a pane of glass from 20 feet in the air.


When it comes to the backstage vibe around the match, Eddie Kingston told "WrestlingNews.Co" that it was a very emotional night. "Tears for his last match you know what I mean?" Kingston said. "Locker room sell out I guess you could say, a lot of us were near the monitors watching it near the ring, some us of went out into the audience to just experience that because Sting meant a lot to the pro wrestling business. He meant a lot to AEW, and he meant a lot to all of us because he showed us how to be a pro is like. He's the definition of a professional wrestler because he's such a pro."

Sting picking up the win was unexpected to some as many people, including Kingston, thought he would be old school and go out with a loss rather than a win. "A lot of us who have broke in old school style or learned from some old school guys is you come into the business on your back and you leave on your back. But I get it and I understand why it was an emotional moment." Kingston even said that if he was booking the match and the event as a whole, he couldn't have booked a better ending.


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