Undertaker & Michelle McCool Discuss Their Relationship's Impact On Her WWE Career

Relationships within the wrestling business are commonplace nowadays, but that doesn't mean they're always accepted by both the fans and those in the locker room. That was certainly the case for Michelle McCool when she started dating The Undertaker, as she caught a lot of slack from people because of it.


"Not only did his fans legitimately hate me because they think they're married to him or something, sometimes it's like death threats," she said on "Six Feet Under." "In that regard I got it. Then of course, anything I did or said not any type of work I put in, because I was dating The Undertaker, even from co-workers, it wore on me a lot."

The Undertaker admitted that at the time people were intimidated by him backstage, but while nobody wanted to cross him the former Divas Champion took a huge amount of grief because of their relationship. However, he made it clear that McCool told him to never speak on her behalf or use his backstage power to influence things that would benefit her career, which he admitted was frustrating as he had that kind of juice.


"I saw the frustration, I saw the work she put in. I never helped the girls because most of them were only there for a stairstep to go somewhere else," Undertaker said. "Her work ethic and what she put into it was different. It wasn't fair, obviously. You know what you're getting into when you cross that line, but it wasn't fair because she worked her butt off."

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