Samoa Joe Beats Wardlow In AEW Dynamite World Title Opener, Focus Shifts To Swerve

If Wardlow is to fulfill the prophecy that Undisputed Kingdom leader Adam Cole foretold, it will have to happen somewhere down the road as "Mr. Mayhem" came up short against Samoa Joe in his challenge for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship on "AEW Dynamite."


Earning his shot at the champ by way of winning the Eight-Man All-Star Scramble at Revolution, Wardlow came out of the entry ramp, flanked by Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions The Kingdom and AEW International Champion Roderick Strong, looking to add some gold of his own. He got off to a hot start, taking the match straight to the outside and showing all kinds of intensity, even ripping up a fan's "Joe Is Gonna Kill You" sign. Wardlow remained in control for the early portion of the match before Joe took control after an enziguri. Wardlow fought off an attempt at top rope offense by Joe, hitting a Whisper In the WInd that wobbled both men for a time.

Ultimately, after Wardlow missed a top rope senton, Joe took over with strikes before taking a powerbomb, but then was able to fend off a second, lock in the Coquina Clutch, and get the challenger to pass out. With that challenge out of the way, the champ didn't have but a handful of seconds to soak it all in as Swerve Strickland made his way to the ring, plowing through security, getting Joe to retreat as he gave him a napping signal as he headed back up the ramp.