Wardlow Wins Eight-Man All-Star Scramble, Future World Title Shot At AEW Revolution

Outlasting seven other competitors in what can best be described as a demolition derby of a match, Wardlow prevailed in the All-Star Scramble at "AEW Revolution" to earn a shot at the World Championship in the future.


Wardlow had to persevere through plenty of adversity in the match, including a double submission attempt when HOOK was attempting a Redrum and Chris Jericho looked to take advantage by also slapping on a Lion Tamer. How the match would have been decided had Wardlow tapped or passed out there is anyone's guess but in the end, it mattered not, as he was able to power out and continue his assault on the rest of the field, which included Dante Martin, CMLL's Magnus, Lance Archer, Brian Cage, and Powerhouse Hobbs.

This match took the place of what was originally supposed to be dubbed "Meat Madness," featuring Wardlow, Hobbs, Archer, and others, only to be scrapped due to multiple injuries, though all three initially-announced participants took part in tonight's scramble. AEW President Tony Khan later clarified that he had hoped Miro and Keith Lee would be available but the pivot was made when they were not.


While Wardlow benefitted the most from the multi-man showcase in earning the win, as might be expected in such a scenario, all involved had the opportunity to put their unique skillsets on display. HOOK, not too far removed from his superhuman effort against AEW World Champion Samoa Joe, had multiple submission attempts and an out-of-character double axe handle off the top rope, for instance, but was unable to further the momentum gained from his near-championship showing against Joe from early January. Martin launched himself all around the ring, and outside as well, including a couple of scary spots. And Jericho's efforts to take a chunk out of Hobbs, a member of the rival Don Callis Family, were thwarted by a World's Strongest Slam on the arena floor.