Why WWE Star Maxxine Dupri Is Thankful For Chad Gable

Maxxine Dupri was recently heckled at a WWE live event due to her in-ring performance, something that has now been turned into a storyline with Candice LeRae on "WWE Raw." However, Dupri confirmed the reality is she's been spending a lot of time in the ring training with Chad Gable as much as possible.


"He lives in a different state so anytime that I'm able to get in the ring with him before TV on Monday's I always will," she told "Lightweights Podcast." "That's been a game changer for me, he's so kind to spend his time doing that, he does not have to do that, so I am really, really appreciative he took the time to do that." 

Gable and Dupri have been working together on-screen since her time with the Maximum Male Models came to an end, and she admitted to constantly blowing up his phone for help with different ideas. She is grateful for all of the help that he's provided her so far, as she tends to run every idea she has by him first.

"He's so brilliant when it comes to wrestling, he has such a good mind with it and that's something I don't have at all," she said. "So I have to ask him, 'Wait, what should I do here?' He always knows."


However, she doesn't just work with Gable; she also heads to the WWE Performance Center to work with developmental talent and other main roster stars as Dupri is constantly looking to fine-tune her abilities. "I love the opportunity to learn from any of them because I'm like, 'I need it, someone come with me and help me, please.'"

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