Maxxine Dupri Reveals How She Was Chosen For Her Current Role On WWE TV

Maxxine Dupri has spoken about how she got her name and her move to the WWE main roster.

In a recent interview on "Insight" with Chris Van Vliet, Dupri discussed making the transition from Sofia Cromwell in "WWE NXT," where she was paired with Mr. Stone and Von Wagner, to Maxxine Dupri on the main roster.  


"I didn't have a big role. I think I talked a couple of times," said Dupri.

After LA Knight was called up to the main roster, his name was changed to Max Dupri, and for weeks, it was teased that Max had a sister named Maxxine. "No one knew who Maxxine was. Not me. I don't even think creative knew to be honest," she said. "It's like, 'We're going to do something, we'll figure it out.'"

Dupri was dealing with an ankle injury and wasn't training, however, she was still on TV. At the time, she thought her "life was over" because she was unable to wrestle, but she now feels the injury worked in her favor. 

"The biggest blessing because I was one of the only ones they saw as 'TV ready,' in a sense that, was in 'NXT' that wasn't in a real story. Like, I could be plucked and it didn't change anything."


Before being called up, Maxxine and her boyfriend attended a "WWE SmackDown," where there were advertisements for Maxxine, and they both wondered if it could be her, with rumors that GUNTHER's wife, Jinny, could be the one to take the role. She revealed that she had about 24 hours' notice that she was being called up. Dupri added that Knight, Mace, and Mansoor, helped her with cutting promos and learning timing for main roster TV. 

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.