Max Dupri Set To Debut His 'Sister' On 7/22 WWE SmackDown

Max Dupri is set to add a new, and presumably very attractive, member to Maximum Male Models.

The on-screen modeling agency did not appear live on Friday night's episode of WWE "SmackDown". However, it was announced that the good-looking group will return during next week's episode and unveil its 2022 Beachwear Collection. Perhaps more importantly, they will be joined by Max Dupri's "sister" Maxxine Dupri.


Speculation over the identity of Maxxine Dupri immediately focused on Jinny, who has been in the WWE system since 2017, primarily as part of the "NXT UK" brand. Jinny is romantically linked to WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther, who debuted on the "SmackDown" brand this past April. Jinny has not wrestled a match since last November, when she defeated Amele on an episode of "NXT UK".

Dupri introduced the first clients in his Maximum Male Models agency two weeks ago on "SmackDown". The former Mace and Mansoor re-debuted under new ring names, as the smoldering duo of ma.çé and mån.sôör̃. On last Friday's "SmackDown", Maximum Male Models presented its first formal fashion show, unveiling its 2022 Tennis Collection. Dupri gushed over the remarkable attributes and features of his clients.


Dupri has said that his agency is seeking more individuals to join its ranks. Fans are being invited to submit their applications on a Maximum Male Models website. Dupri told fans not to bother if they can't compare to his current models. Dupri has been featuring some of the applicants on his social media, along with scathing assessments of the wannabe models.

"These 'applications' have failed to titillate the juices of anyone's guilty pleasures," Dupri remarked earlier this week as he critiqued a selection of the photos that have been submitted.

The Maximum Male Models has yet to participate in a match since the agency's on-screen formation. Thus far, Dupri and his clients have been limited to non-wrestling segments.