Baron Corbin Reflects On Holding Championship Gold In WWE For The First Time In Years

Baron Corbin has spent the entirety of his wrestling career in WWE, making the transition from the NFL in 2012. Despite his lengthy stint with the company, however, he has only captured any kind of gold twice. Corbin previously held the WWE United States Championship for two months in 2017, and currently holds the "WWE NXT" Tag Team Championship with Bron Breakker.


During a recent appearance on "The Bump," Corbin reflected upon his journey in the company. Though it became hard at times, the WWE star feels like his hard work has paid off.

"It feels amazing to have this and walk around with this title and be proud of that," Corbin said. "I went in NXT ... with no expectations. ... They're like, 'Hey, let's let you do your thing.' And they have kind of let me really come into my own, and it's made it exciting for me to go to work every day again."

Corbin stated that he's in the gym every day and dieting to get into better shape. He also revealed that his WWE contract was ending and the performer was unsure if he would sign with the company again. However, the current direction with Breakker has breathed new life into Corbin's WWE run. Corbin hopes to take the partnership to new heights on the main roster, but for now, he's happy to carry a title once again.


"This man helped get gold around my waist that I haven't had in six years," Corbin continued. "I just lost my way and I was struggling. ... But now the life is back."

Together, Corbin and Breakker have held the NXT tag titles for 30 days, with just one defense under their belt thus far. That came against Chase U on the March 5 episode of "WWE NXT."

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