AEW Collision Results 3/16/24: Kyle O'Reilly's First Match Since 2022, Shibata Dream Match

AEW "Collision" is live from the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario! This show is kicking off AEW's 2024 Canadian tour.

Kyle O'Reilly made his return to AEW at "Revolution". After turning down an invitation to join his friends in Undisputed Kingdom, O'Reilly said he needs to go it alone. He recently opened up about not being able to use his arm for nearly 10 months following surgery. KOR wasn't sure he'd ever wrestle again. He will have his first match in nearly two years when he takes on Bryan Keith.


A dream match was announced just 24 hours ahead of time. Katsuyori Shibata will wrestle for the first time this year after dealing with visa issues late last year. He is returning to face Bryan Danielson. The match is a personal dream match for the "American Dragon". Shibata says he's been wanting to face Danielson for a long time and wants to show him why they call him "The Wrestler". 

The AEW Tag Team Championship tournament kicks off tonight. ROH regulars, The Infantry (Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo) will show what they can do when they face House of Black (Brody King and Buddy Matthews). 

The Infantry will continue to face House of Black when Trish Adora takes on TBS Champion Julia Hart in an Open House match.


We'll also hear from Adam Copeland ahead of his "I Quit" match against Christian Cage on next week's Dynamite.

Bryan Danielson vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Tony Schiavone welcomes Nigel McGuinness and us to "Collision" before Bryan Danielson made his way to the ring. As soon as the bell rang, the fans started a "holy s***!" chant.

The men started with a lockup and forced each other around the ring. Danielson put him in a double wristlock. Danielson kept Shibata on the mat with various lockups. Shibata made it back to his feet, only for Danielson to lock him up again. Danielson escaped to the corner. After catching his breath, they traded kicks. Danielson stomped on Shibata's elbow and kicked him in the back. Shibata got in several forearm shots. Although Danielson had wrist control, Shibata brought him to his knees to strike him repeatedly. Danielson pulled him into a Fuijwara armbar. Shibata put Danielson in a bow and arrow.


Shibata was forced into the corner. Danielson and Shibata took turns shoving each other's chests before going to chops. Danielson stomped on Shibata's elbow again. Danielson did an armdrag, which allowed Shibata to get on the apron. Shibata flipped Danielson over his shoulder, but Danielson landed on his feet on the outside.

After the break, Danielson hit a dropkick from the top turnbuckle. He followed with another one. Shibata hit one of his own. Danielson hit one more and then kicked Shibata repeatedly. Shibata got Danielson in the corner and began hitting and chopping. Danielson.

Shibata put him in a real chinlock. Danielson reversed into a waist lock. Shibata put Danielson in an ankle lock. Danielson flipped out and put him in an ankle lock. Shibata did it again. Shibata stopped a discus elbow from his opponent. Danielson and Shibata exchanged knee shots to the gut. Shibata hit a Death Valley Driver.


Shibata repeatedly drove his elbow into Danielson. Danielson hit a Busaiku knee and then put Shibata in the LeBell Lock. Danielson grabbed his arm to try to keep Shibata from reaching the rope, but he made it anyway.

Danielson kicked Shibata in the chest multiple times while he was on his knees. Shibata defiantly moved to a sitting position and took more kicks. Shibata got in a few of his own. Danielson defiantly moved to a sitting position. Shibata sat in front of him and they exchanged slaps.

Both men made it to their feet and continued slapping each other. Danielson kicked him twice, the last catching Shibata in the back of the head. Shibata stopped the Busaiku knee and put him in a ripcord. Danielson's toes got on the rope. They exchanged pin attempts. Danielson rolled up Shibata for the win.

The men shook hands afterwards.

Julia Hart vs. Trish Adora

Julia Hart made her way to the ring first. The Open House rule is that the loser is banned from accompanying their respective team in the tag match.

Adora out Hart on the mat and locked her arms behind her. Adora pinned Hart with her leg for the two count. Adora had Hart in another submission move. Hart went to the outside and Adora followed her. Hart drove Adora into the top of the steel steps and then slammed her head down on the steps. Hart threw her into the barricade.


Following the break, Hart was in control. Adora got wrist control and hit a couple forearms. Adora dragged Adora to the corner, but Hart got out. Hart hit a running lariat. Hart went for the Hartless submission, but Adora rolled her over and nearly pinned her.

Adora went for a rolling senton, but Hart moved. Hart went for a roll up. Hart followed with several kicks. Hart went to the top for a moonsault for the pin.

Hart retains and Adora can't accompany The Infantry to ring during the main event.

Daniel Garcia vs. Lee Moriarty

Daddy Magic joined commentary as per usual for a Garcia match. Garcia made his way to the ring first. Moriarty was accompanied by Shane Taylor.

Moriarty went for a boot and put Garcia in an armdrag. The two exchanged a flurry of moves. While Morairty was seated, Garcia danced in his face. Garcia kicked Moriarty and then followed with a running dropkick, which knocked his opponent to outside. Garcia was distracted by Taylor and Moriarty hit a tope sucida.


Back in the ring, Moriarty hit a dropkick. He held Garcia over the rope. While the ref was distracted, Taylor punched Garcia in the face. Morairty covered Garcia and focused own his arm. Garcia got out and punched his sides until he let go. In the corner, Garcia punched Moriarty several times.

They exchanged slaps and Garcia suplexed him. Morairty kicked Garcia in the back of the head. Moriarty couldn't capitalize due to his knee. Morairty went for a double stomp. Garcia put Morairty in a heel hook to make him submit.

Menard celebrated in the ring with Garcia. 

PAC vs. Aaron Solow

PAC's original opponent was Komander. He was injured in a match with Konosuke Takeshita on "Rampage".

PAC backed Solow into the ropes. Solow kicked PAC and then drove over the top rope. Solow went for the pin. PAC drove him into the corner and kicked him in the face before holding Solow's head into the turnbuckle with his foot.


PAC kicked Solow in the side of the head. He followed with a stomp to the face. PAC hit Solow in the gut several times with kicks. PAC went up top for a shotgun dropkick. He followed with an uppercut in the corner. PAC hit the Black Arrow and then put Solow to sleep.

After the match, PAC told Tony Khan that "the bastard's back and I'm looking for trouble. But this isn't exactly what I had in mind. I'm looking for trouble."

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Lance Archer

Archer pushed Castagnoli's face. Castagnoli pushed him back and they locked up. They traded shoulder tackles. Archer kicked Castagnoli and he put him in a scoop slam. Castagnoli returned the favor. He hit Archer in the jaw and Archer hit him in the jaw with his elbow. They traded more blows. They did pump kicks on each other.


Castagnoli hit a European uppercut. Archer tried to stop his opponent with his leg and then was toppled over the top rope. Castagnoli ran around the ring, but was caught. Archer did a cannonball senton off the apron.

Following the break, Castagnoli hit another European uppercut. Archer picked up his opponent and slammed him down. Archer hit a sledgehammer on his shoulder. Castagnoli hit a vertical suplex. In the corner, Castagnoli hit an uppercut and Archer hit a lariat. Archer walked across the ropes, but Castagnoli pulled him into an uppercut. He followed with a double stomp. Castagnoli followed with a running uppercut on the outside. Castagnoli went up top and Archer hit a knee strike and then chokeslammed him.

Archer got Castagnoli in the corner and set him up for a Blackout, but Castagnoli reversed into a Death Valley Driver. Castagnoli hit an uppercut in the corner and followed with punches. He did a cutter on Archer from the top. Castagnoli went for a pumphandle slam, but Archer reversed. Castagnoli did a spinning European uppercut off the ropes. Castagnoli got Archer up for The Swing, but was interrupted by The Righteous. The bell rang and Danielson came in for the save. Shibata came down with a chair.


Kyle O'Reilly vs. Bryan Keith

O'Reilly made his way to the ring to a massive pop. The men circled the ring before a lockup. Keith put O'Reilly in a side headlock. He drove him to the mat, but wouldn't let go. KOR escaped the corner. O'Reilly put Bryan in an armbar. Keith reversed out of it. O'Reily put Bryan in an armbar. Keith knocked him to the mat and O'Reilly rolled out.


Back in the ring, Keith chopped O'Reilly. They followed with chops and forearms. Keith kicked O'Reilly in the gut, but KOR followed with a running knee. O'Reilly hit Keith with strikes. Keith put him in an abdominal stretch. O'Reilly kicked Keith. Keith hit a DDT and nearly got the three count.

After the break, Keith had KOR in a side headlock. O'Reilly reversed out and kicked Keith under the chin. O'Reilly hit knee strikes and slaps. He took him down with a spinning leg sweep. O'Reilly suplexed Keith and locked his leg, but Keith got to the rope. Keith punched him in the face. O'Reilly put Keith in a guillotine and then a triangle armbar. O'Reilly went up top and Keith headbutted him to make him fall. Keith caught O'Reilly with a knee and nearly pinned him. Keith kicked O'Reilly in the corner. O'Reilly hit an arm drag. They exchanged kicks. O'Reilly hit a lariat and a brainbuster for two. O'Reilly put Keith in the ARMageddon for the win.


The Undisputed Kingdom came to celebrate with O'Reilly.

House of Black vs. The Infantry

This match is a wild card match in the tag team tournament. House of Black made their way to the ring first with Julia Hart. The Infantry were attacked during their entrance. They got thrown into barricades. House of Black put The Infantry in chairs on the outside and did stereo chops.


HOB returned to the ring and waited for The Infantry so the bell could ring. King drove Bravo into the corner and hit a running cannonball. Matthews hit Dean with a running kick from the apron. King toyed with Bravo.

During picture-in-picture, House of Black continued to dominate The Infantry. After the break, Dean rolled up Matthews. Bravo kept on Matthews. King tagged in. Dean hit a few splashes in the corner. The Infantry were both in the ring where HOB continued to toy with them. King hit Dante's Inferno on Dean, but Bravo broke up the pin. The Infantry were laid out.

Matthews threw Bravo to the outside, but he saved himself. He held the rope for King to go over. King threw Bravo onto the commentary table, but it didn't break. King hit a piledriver on the commentary table.


Matthews curbstomped Dean and he pulled Dean up instead of pinning him. Matthews went up top and Mark Briscoe threw a chair at him. King chased Briscoe over the barricade. Dean laid across Murphy and just got the pin.

Malakai Black made his way to the ring and stared at Briscoe, who was watching from the stairs.

The Infantry will face FTR in the next round.

Adam Copeland speaks 

Adam Copeland came to the ring, carrying the box he had the other night. He also had a chair in the ring. Copeland said, "Christian, I'm talking to you. Jay is dead." He didn't come to steal Christian's spotlight. He earned a title shot with the Cope Open. The Patriarchy took him out with conchairto.

He got a phone call from Mick Foley to remind him who he is. He created Spike, a piece of plywood painted with black nails. Spike was scratched into the side. He will make Christian say, "I quit". 

"Forty years, forty years after this all started in our hometown, it ends."