Kevin Sullivan Suggests Surprising New Character Direction For WWE's Cody Rhodes

Kevin Sullivan has the unique advantage of being able to view the current wrestling landscape not only through the lens of a performer, but of a booker as well. After winding down his in-ring career, Sullivan served on WCW's creative team from roughly 1997 to 2001 and was instrumental in putting together some of the company's more memorable storylines. 


On a recent episode of "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," Sullivan offered a somewhat surprising perspective on WWE's ongoing storyline between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. Sullivan suggested that Rhodes should — and will — turn heel after winning world title gold.

"He has used Dusty's trial and tribulations trying to grab the brass ring, that he's doing this for his father, and it really got the people behind him," Sullivan said. "And that's why ... when he actually turns heel after he wins this belt, he'll have nothing but white heat."

To some, the idea of turning WWE's top babyface at the peak of his popularity might seem outlandish, but it's certainly not without precedent — Hulk Hogan comes to mind, with his shocking 1996 heel turn at Bash at the Beach. Of course, the pro wrestling industry thrives on shock value, which unlikely character turns often provide. 


Not only does Sullivan believe that a Rhodes heel turn is forthcoming, but he thinks Roman Reigns could also switch roles by the time WrestleMania 41 takes place in 2025. 

"We're going to be seeing in a year from now, where Cody's the babyface and Roman's the heel," Sullivan predicted.

Whether these controversial forecasts come to fruition remains to be seen. Night 1 of WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia will see Rhodes and Seth Rollins tag up to face Reigns and The Rock, while Night 2 will see the long-awaited rematch between Rhodes and Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.