Kevin Sullivan Addresses Idea That Wrestling Legend Sting Was In It For The Money

Sting is now retired from professional wrestling, going out on top as a champion at AEW Revolution, undefeated in the company, and many are still talking about his time in the business. From his debut in the NWA and his first iconic match with Ric Flair, to his historic run in WCW to his shocking debut in AEW, Sting is known as "The Icon" for good reason, in part, due to his love of the business. 


On a recent episode of his "Tuesdays with the Taskmaster" podcast, Kevin Sullivan said he disagrees with people who said Sting was more concerned with making money during his run with AEW and his short stint with WWE, rather than moving the business forward and caring about wrestling as a whole.

"The dealings I had with him was he [always had] good input. He cared. And this is how things get out there and then somebody tells it again," Sullivan said. "They've never been around, they don't know. This guy never took a night off, worked very hard, I mean, and the first time he got a break, he worked 45 minutes with Ric. The only thing I questioned was when he went to WWE. What was that all about? I mean, why did they beat him like a drum?"


Sting finally signed with WWE in 2014, something fans of his from his WCW and TNA days never thought would happen. He made his debut at Survivor Series that year when he attacked Triple H. Sting only had four matches in WWE. He only won one singles match during his time with the company, as well as a tag team match alongside John Cena. His final WWE match came in 2015 at Night of Champions, which led to his initial retirement, when he was injured by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins when he took a buckle bomb into the turnbuckle. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016.