WWE NXT Star DIJAK Reflects On Time Spent As T-Bar

WWE's failed Retribution faction is one that will go down in the history books for all of the wrong reasons, and "WWE NXT" Superstar Dijak often takes to mocking the time he spent portraying T-Bar. However, on social media today he opted for a different approach as he showcased the positive that came out of that time for him.


"Obviously I sh*tpost a lot, especially about T-Bar and Retribution, and deservedly so because it was awful... BUT, I'll say this. It taught us perspective, how to endure, how to appreciate, and how to fight for everything. Take something valuable from every experience. We did," he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Dijak is one of only two Retribution members still with the company, the other being "WWE SmackDown" star Michin, as the other members ended up parting ways with WWE at different times. The group itself failed to make much of an impact during its existence, originally making their presence known in the summer of 2020 before unveiling their identities in September. WWE changed the names and looks of everyone involved other than Mustafa Ali, which led to Dijak taking on the T-Bar persona and the mask that came with it. 


While this run did allow him to transition onto the main roster, it ultimately didn't last and the company opted to move him back to the black and gold brand when the group was done. Since then, Dijak has become a featured part of "NXT" on a weekly basis, where he has been taken more seriously once again. However, his contract with WWE is reportedly up in June, and there has been no indication of which way he is leaning at this time.