WWE Star Shawn Spears Comments On Having Recent Creative Pitch Rejected

Shawn Spears recently surprised the wrestling world by making his return to WWE, joining the black and gold brand again, attacking Ridge Holland with a chair in the process. However, he didn't revert back to his "Perfect 10" character, despite him pushing to return in a spot that could have linked to that moment. 


Spears confirmed to Fightful Select that he did at least make pitches to be part of the men's Royal Rumble match this year, working as a surprise entrant in the number 10 spot. Of course, that would have linked to his former WWE character and could have created a big reaction which is something WWE has done in the past with him in this match. While he admitted that he did "shoot his shot," unfortunately that came too late as WWE had already made plans for the match by that stage.

Instead, Spears has brought a character that is very similar to what he was doing in AEW, where he was known as "The Chairman." That dates back to his debut with that company where he nailed Cody Rhodes in the head with the weapon. Spears has continued using that name, and has been bringing a chair to the ring with him as his presentation being based around him delivering the truth to people, claiming that it will always hurt if it comes from him. 


Spears' time with AEW came to an end back in December, with the two parties splitting amicably. His last on-screen appearance for the company had been under a mask, as he had been portraying one of the masked henchmen for The Devil before their identities were revealed.