Chris Jericho Assesses AEW Run Of 'The Icon' Sting

Sting's career is one that touched the lives of countless wrestling fans throughout his decades in the business. Despite the fact they didn't get to touch in the ring until AEW, Chris Jericho has been able to witness it and praised the WWE Hall of Famer for being humble.


"I think his retirement match is kind of one of those things that you can probably never duplicate that," Jericho told "Gabby AF." "Sting worked his ass off when he was in AEW, and I really respected that because he really didn't have to. But he wasn't here just to collect a cheque, he was working hard and taking crazy bumps."

Jericho highlighted the crazy table bump Sting took during their tag team match as an example of that, and the bumps were something Sting continued up until his retirement match, where he was put through glass at one point. Jericho believes Sting never gave less than 100%, and he drew parallels between him and the iconic rock band Kiss, comparing how the makeup helps fans forget their ages when they're performing. 


"He did such a great job of evolving his character and still being relevant and still being cool and telling a great story. It's sad to see him go," Jericho admitted. "As he helped Darby, Darby helped him. That's one of the greatest mentor-student — f*** throw that out of the window — one of the greatest tag teams ever of all time for that reason."

While Jericho has been one of the veterans in AEW from its inception, he was still able to learn from Sting, who he called an inspiration. He emphasized how Sting's knowledge and experience were passed onto everyone, regardless of their age.

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