Mercedes Mone Explains Why She Signed With AEW

It's now nearly been a week since Mercedes Mone finally showed up in AEW, debuting at "Big Business" in her hometown of Boston, making her the topic of discussion ever since. That trend looks to continue this week, as Mone is scheduled to appear on "Dynamite" this week and Toronto, Canada, and as the world continues to learn just why Mone decided to join AEW as opposed to returning to her old stomping grounds in WWE.


Sitting down with "ESPN," Mone decided to answer some of those questions herself. One reason she cited for joining AEW was the chance to have more impact than she could've had she gone back to WWE or gone somewhere else.

"I'm all about creating history," Moné said. "I'm all about creating magic, and I'm all about creating so much more. And that's what AEW much more, more opportunity, more chances and more chances just to stand out and to be seen and noticed."

Opportunity wasn't the only reason Mone made the jump, as she cited her payday with AEW as a factor. Though no firm figures have emerged regarding the contract, Mone's AEW deal is reportedly among, if not the, biggest contracts ever handed out to a women's wrestler in history. 


"I mean, I'm not Mercedes Moné for no reason," Mone said. "Money changes everything. I'm always about that bag. Absolutely."

Above all else though, Mone feels that AEW allows her to pursue not just her wrestling ambitions, but other projects outside the ring, with Mone hoping to continue pursuits into acting, fashion, and music.

"You can do so much more in can do everything," Moné said. "And for me, I want to do everything. So, this is the place for me to be, and this is the place that I call home."