Kevin Von Erich Gets Candid About Late Brother Kerry Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich is the last surviving Von Erich brother, and while he's kept the memories of his brothers Chris, Mike, David, and Kerry alive, he's also being candid about the difference in approach that the brothers took. In a new interview with "The A2K Wrestling Show," Kevin said he and his brother Kerry worked out for completely different reasons.


"For me, I lifted weights but it was because I wanted to be a better wrestler," Kevin said. "But Kerry wanted the bodybuilder thing."

Kerry's career was momentarily derailed by a tragic motorcycle accident which led to the amputation of his foot. Despite learning to wrestle with a prosthetic, Kerry took the injury hard.

"To Kerry, he was a cripple, he was a freak and he was just completely crushed inside about what he'd done," Kevin lamented. "He loved to have fun. He didn't hurt anybody but he did hurt himself," he continued.

Kevin said that it was his own disappointment in himself, and his overall sense of hopelessness that led to Kerry's suicide. "The reason Kerry killed himself is because of that ... he felt like he let us all down."


The tragic story of the Von Erichs, Chris excluded, was the focus of a recent Zac Efron film from A24 and Sean Durkin called "The Iron Claw." The film was executive produced by former AEW World Champion MJF, who Kevin recently compared to WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, saying he has the same flamboyance as Austin.