Scott Steiner Explains Why His WCW Solo Run Required A 'Drastic' Transformation

Scott Steiner has become iconic as his "Big Poppa Pump" character, a trash-talking, performance-enhancing-drug enthusiast who wears chainmail and says what's on his mind, but the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion was very deliberate in crafting the heel persona. In an interview with "Monopoly Events," Steiner reminisced on the decision to break away from his brother Rick Steiner and strike out on his own.


"I love wrestling with my brother, proving that we're the best tag team in the world but at some point it had to come to an end," Steiner explained. 

The WWE Hall of Famer said he was pitched to be a singles star and felt like the timing was right, especially with how frustrated the politics of the business had made him. "I was at the point in my career where I was really pissed off." 

According to Steiner, he immediately bleached his hair after betraying his brother at that year's SuperBrawl event, leading to a drastic change.

"The next day [at WCW Nitro] a lot of people didn't recognize who I was, even the announcers didn't know who I was," Steiner remarked. 

Steiner said that he needed a "drastic" change so as not to remind fans of the babyface he once was, even changing up his style and getting rid of moves like the Frankensteiner, opting instead for the Steiner Recliner submission. "I basically didn't want the fans to cheer for because in my mind [if you're a heel] and you get cheered, you should be fired."