Why WWE Exec Bruce Prichard Says There Will 'Never' Be Another Rey Mysterio

Despite no clear indication he intends to retire anytime soon, Rey Mysterio was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year. That serves as a good indication of how the company views the veteran performer, with WWE producer Bruce Prichard recently offering some praise of his own. Speaking on "Something To Wrestle," Prichard detailed the impact Mysterio has had on the industry.


"Rey Mysterio, man, is an enigma," Prichard said. "I don't think that you could've brought Rey over in mainstream wrestling in the 70s, I daresay even maybe the 80s. Because I don't know that people were ready for Rey Mysterio."

Prichard described Mysterio as one of the luchadors who helped change the landscape of the industry with their work in WCW in the 1990s. Mysterio's abilities as a babyface made it so fans could always buy into the possibility that he would walk away from a match the winner, no matter how high the odds were stacked against him. The WWE executive said he once doubted whether Mysterio could work successfully as a heel. However, Mysterio proved him wrong. 

Mysterio has always excelled at getting his facial expressions across to fans despite wearing a mask, which Prichard believes has added to his popularity and longevity. On top of everything else, Mysterio is reportedly an exceptionally nice person.


"[He is] just one of the most incredible talents I have ever witnessed in my lifetime," Prichard continued. "There will never be another Rey Mysterio. There will be other luchadors and there will be other great stars that are not the biggest guys in the world. There will never be another Rey Mysterio. They made the mold and they broke the mold with him. And so much of that has to do with who Rey is."

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