WWE's Shayna Baszler Will Face This TNA Star At GCW Bloodsport

It will be WWE vs. TNA atΒ GCW's Josh Barnett's Bloodsport X this year, as it has been confirmed Shayna Baszler's opponent on the night will be none other than Masha Slamovich. Barnett himself revealed the news on social media by stating, "In a place like Josh Barnett's: Bloodsport, when a name like Shayna Baszler is announced it's like blood in the water of an ocean of nothing but sharks. One voice stood out loudest and proudest of all. A voice with a tenor of authority from her accomplishments and tone of pure violence. In the end, I could not deny her request..."


Barnett also shared a video where Slamovich herself welcomed the WWE star to Bloodsport, but claimed that while Baszler has been waiting for an opportunity to get her hands on the right prey, she has been waiting for the exact same thing, for her own moment.Β "I was bred here, I worked, I fought my way to the top, Shayna. I'm not ready to stop," Slamovich said. "You have never seen a competitor so hungry, you've never ever been in the ring with someone like the Russian Dynamite, someone who's clawed their way through Bloodsport ... I'm hungry, and there's nobody who can stop me, not even you."


Baszler's appearance at a non-WWE event over WrestleMania 40 weekend was a surprise when it was announced, but it wasn't the first time Barnett has attempted to book WWE talent, previously attempting to get Jessamyn Duke when she was a "WWE NXT" star. Barnett personally called Triple H to try and get Baszler, and a deal was struck. It means that this show will now feature talent from WWE, TNA, AEW, and NJPW with the likes of Johnny Bloodsport, Nic Nemeth, and Minoru Suzuki all on the card.