Vince Russo And Nic Nemeth Discuss The Importance Of WWE Title Wins

As Cody Rhodes gets closer and closer to finishing the story and unseating Roman Reigns as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at WrestleMania 40, the debate in some circles has shifted to how big a moment Rhodes' title victory will be. In some cases, there's also been debate on just how important winning a world title is, bringing up the age old discussion of whether a world title is anything more than a prop in the pro wrestling world.


The discussion made its way to "Busted Open Radio" last week, with Vince Russo and Nic Nemeth weighing in. For Russo, he sees the championship as important from a real life standpoint, but within storyline, isn't sure a World Championship has any significant meaning.

"To me, I always saw the importance of winning that belt," Russo said. "I think it's twofold if you're one of the boys. Number one, obviously, it means money. If you are the champion now, you are put in a position where now you can make more money. You're going to be on top. You can negotiate your salary. 

"And also, number two, I think it gives you a little you've got some leverage. 'Now I'm the belt, now I'm the champion, now they need me.' So from a business point of view, you're going to make more money, you've got more leverage. Beyond that, Nic, does it mean anything else?"


Nic Nemeth Touches On How Emotions Help Enhance Title Victories

Nemeth agreed that titles can feel like props, but that they can be elevated to feel like something more with the use of emotion, or even tears. Nemeth then delved into that subject a little more, explaining how the right use of crying or emotion in a title victory can help, using his feud with The Miz over the WWE Intercontinental Championship as an example.


"I think something when it's happened once in a while, and it's special, much like [it was when] I said I had tears in my eyes when...I was putting my career on the line [against The Miz] and I was assuming I was leaving WWE and my career forever, and I had some genuine, felt, pent-up emotion there," Nemeth said. "And that was a one-time thing.

"Now, had we addressed it three weeks and I cried all three weeks, it would've felt forced. It would've felt like I was faking it. Like 'Guys, it's my last couple of weeks. Shouldn't I be in tears? Isn't this is a big deal?' So we didn't do it that way. The one time that emotion got the most of me, was [when] I announced 'I'll put my career on the line. Let's do it. I don't give a damn. I don't have any other options.' And holy s**t, you do it one time, and everybody talks about it."


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