Booker T Clarifies Situation Between Him And WWE Star CM Punk

Last week, Booker T got the wrestling world talking about CM Punk's backstage behavior again when claiming the two of them had a run-in at "WWE NXT." However, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer has now clarified that situation, by revealing that his comments were simply made for entertainment purposes. "Me and CM Punk, we won't be having a fight, okay? I want to let everybody know out there, I have no ill will toward CM Punk. Contrary to popular belief, I consider CM Punk a friend, alright," Booker said on "The Hall of Fame." "So, when I'm saying something about CM Punk, do not take it literally like the internet and these sites do. Don't take it serious, don't jump into that mud." 


Booker never elaborated on his 'run-in' with Punk at the time, but he does have a history of claiming he has heat with people when he doesn't. This was the case with his previous Corey Graves comments, which were then revealed to be simply the two of them having fun and playing up to things

"If you hear me saying anything here on the Hall Of Fame, this show is show-related," he said. "I'm trying to entertain my fans, I'm trying to entertain the fans that's watching this, I'm trying to give you guys a moment where you ain't got to think about that kind of stuff." It was reported at the time that Punk hasn't had any backstage issues with anyone since returning, and has in fact been very helpful with "NXT" talent any time he has been backstage at an event or at the WWE Performance Center.


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