AEW's Jim Ross Shares Dream Wrestling Match That He'd Love To Have Called

Jim Ross has called some of the biggest and most important wrestling matches of all time, and he has mentioned two wrestlers from different eras whom he would have loved to commentate on.

With all of his knowledge and experience, Ross was asked by a fan on his "Grilling JR" podcast what match he would've loved to have called in his career.


"Jack Brisco would be involved in the match, without question," Ross said. "Brisco and Kurt Angle would be good for example. I like wrestling, and those guys would provide great wrestling. Something like that, and there are so many others, but Brisco and Kurt Angle would be something I would be chomping at the bit to be involved in. They're just so good at what they did and everything they did made sense. So you're not trying to process ridiculous information, you're trying to process realism and they were very real."

Ross had his first big role in Mid-South Wrestling, before becoming a bigger name while with Jim Crockett Promotions and WCW. But it was his work in WWE — which began in 1993 — that made him the household name that he is today. Since leaving WWE, he has worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling and has been a regular part of the AEW broadcast team since 2019.


The Hall of Famer had the chance to call some of Brisco's matches in Mid-South Wrestling before Brisco ended his career in 1985 after spending the final year of his career in WWE. The AEW commentator also called a lot of Angle's matches, and he was also one of the people who helped bring Angle to WWE.

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