WWE Star Drew McIntyre Gets Candid About 'Terrible Human Being' CM Punk

Drew McIntyre has made his thoughts about CM Punk clear from the moment he returned at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, where the Scotsman stormed out of the arena, and since then he has continued to target the former AEW star verbally, physically, and online. "Huge name, garners a lot of attention not just from the hardcore fans, but the casual fanbase knows who exactly he is," McIntyre said to "Gorilla Position." "He sells tickets, he's a draw, but he's a terrible human being." McIntyre admitted that there are instances between them from the past that he hasn't talked about yet, and perhaps won't until they come face-to-face in the future. However, the fact Punk returned and acted as if things were normal, which McIntyre describes as "Jey Uso style," certainly didn't help change his opinion.


"It seems like much hasn't changed from talking to people that I know regarding his personality, and he came back I felt a certain way," McIntyre said. "I didn't just mess him up, I took him out and took his spot. Karma is a b***h." With McIntyre continuing to talk trash about Punk every week since his injury, fans are hopeful that a match between the two will take place down the line when Punk returns. While McIntyre would have to re-sign with the company to make that happen, it's something that he's open to doing. 

"I just hope he's careful, I'm worried he's going to injure something else during rehab. Man's made of glass," McIntyre said. "I want that match, I really want that match, I am just concerned for him. Especially wrestling someone like me, I'm a freaking monster in there."


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