Bully Ray Weighs In On AEW Star Mercedes Mone's Recent Comments

The "AEW Dynamite: Big Business" special saw Mercedes Mone debut for Tony Khan's promotion. It's said that Mone has signed one of the most lucrative deals a female wrestler has ever received in the history of the business. When recently asked about her AEW contract, "The CEO" said "money changes everything" and that she's "always about that bag." On "Busted Open After Dark," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray commented on the response to the remarks Mone made about her rumored big-money deal.


"I know there are some people out there in the AEW universe who are upset about some of the comments that Mercedes said lately," Bully said. "Maybe some of the talent in the back are upset with the amount of money that Mercedes Mone is making. Let me talk to the talent for a second. Let me talk to the wrestlers. If you want to make Mercedes Mone money, go become a five-time women's champion in the WWE and become Mercedes Mone. Actually, don't become Mercedes Mone, become more valuable than Mercedes Mone, and then you can command Mercedes Mone money."

Bully blasted AEW wrestlers who believe they're "entitled to s**t" just because they have been with the promotion since its inception. The ECW legend advised talent upset with Mone's contract to stop complaining on social media and talking about it to the dirt sheets and earn millions of dollars instead. Regarding the fans, Bully understood their frustration regarding Mone saying she could see herself back in WWE one day, because in ECW, it would have been a problem if wrestlers didn't "swear their eternal loyalty" to the company.


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