Why Johnny TV Believes CM Punk 'Lost It' In AEW

CM Punk's return to pro wrestling at "AEW Rampage: The First Dance" was met with positivity and excitement. Unfortunately, this run ended with Punk being fired from AEW after getting into his worst backstage altercation. In a recent interview with "For The Love of Wrestling," Johnny TV gave his take on why Punk's AEW run ended in controversy.


"I have no problem with Punk," Johnny TV asserted. He then recalled reaching out to Punk to hang out after his reported backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In before being made aware of his firing. Unfortunately, those plans fell through. In terms of their relationship, Johnny TV claims they weren't close when they first met but ended up becoming friends. "We ended up riding together for two years –- me, him, and [Luke] Gallows."

Despite their friendship, Johnny TV believes Punk's ego got in the way regarding his backstage troubles in AEW. "I just feel like he kind of lost it. I feel like he went too far in the direction of, 'I want this for me. I'm the best.' Believing his own hype, clearly like when he decided to be a UFC fighter, believed his own hype took over, like not thinking through."


Johnny TV then clarified his stance on Punk and noted how he's friends with those who have issues with "The Second City Saint" in AEW. "Aside from that, can't say too much about him, other than we rode together, got along, he's a divisive, polarizing figure. The people that don't like him I'm friends with, and they have very solid points. I'll leave it at that."

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