Dustin Rhodes Says These AEW Stars Are In A 'Different Category' Of Wrestlers

As someone who has been in AEW since the very beginning, and in the wrestling business as a whole for nearly 40 years, Dustin Rhodes has seen his fair share of good wrestlers and matches throughout his life. However, after the recent spree of free agent signings Tony Khan has made with Mercedes Mone, Kazuchika Okada, and Will Ospreay, many fans believe AEW is about to find itself on another hot streak.


During a recent appearance on the "Sports Guys Talking Wrestling," Rhodes said he believes Okada, Ospreay, and Ospreay's recent opponent at AEW Revolution, Konosuke Takeshita, are working at a completely different level to the rest of the industry. 

"They should be in a different category," Rhodes said. "They're so amazing. To watch Will Ospreay the other night, I was like, 'What in the hell? Oh my god, how? How?' You're questioning, 'How does he do that?' It's just amazing the things, the athleticism they all have." 

Rhodes also made sure to mention Mone as someone who, despite not wrestling for AEW as of the time of writing, belongs in the same category of athleticism as Okada, Ospreay, and Takeshita. The AEW star admitted that he's such a fan of the work Okada, Ospreay, and Takeshita have produced, which is motivating him to become a better wrestler as well. 


"It's impressive, and I love it, and it just makes me more of a wrestling fan, you become a fan all over again each day watching these things ... It makes you want to get in the ring right away and just [say] 'Let's go have a match.' They make you feel that and that's something that's very powerful in the business."

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