Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray Discuss Natalya's Return To WWE NXT

This past Tuesday on "WWE NXT," veteran performer Natalya made her in-ring return to the show, facing Lola Vice in singles action. The match went a little over eight minutes, with Natalya ending up victorious. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," co-hosts Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray discussed the benefits of WWE utilizing Natalya on its developmental brand.


"I loved ... Natalya coming back to NXT," Dreamer said. "You're gonna get better every time you step in the ring with someone like ... Natalya."

Dreamer feels that the presence of performers like Natalya and Shawn Spears can have an immense impact on those in NXT who are still learning. The former ECW star stated that the developmental brand needs a mix of young performers and veterans who can pass on their knowledge. Additionally, Natalya is one of the few performers that Dreamer believes can convincingly go from losing on the main roster to making sense in a main event storyline in NXT.

"Natalya, in my opinion, is extremely underrated and extremely underutilized," Bully said. "I think Natalya suffers from the same thing that happened with ... Dolph Ziggler. [They've] been there for so long that they just become a part of the background."


Bully took issue with the way that Natalya has been portrayed on WWE programming, stating that he thinks she would excel with a character who is a "vixen" and a "manipulative woman." The radio host then said Natalya could serve as WWE's answer to the "Real Housewives" reality TV franchise. For anyone not familiar, the various "Real Housewives" shows depict the lives of wealthy women across the country and the drama that unfolds within their social circles.

"Let's turn Nattie heel," Bully continued. "Let Nattie go out there and be a b****."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.