Will Ospreay Looks Ahead To Bryan Danielson After AEW Dynamite Win Over Shibata

Will Ospreay has been on an excellent run since becoming a full-time member of the AEW roster, and he continued that success on the March 27 "AEW Dynamite" by defeating Katsuyori Shibata. The match was the first time the two men had faced each other in seven years, and Ospreay was able to prove that he's come a long way since 2017. Ospreay wanted the match after seeing his opponent for AEW Dynasty, Bryan Danielson, beat Shibata on the March 16 "AEW Collision," with the idea being anything Danielson can do, he can do better. 


Following his win, AEW cameras caught up with Ospreay to see how he was feeling going into his match with Danielson at Dynasty. "The beauty of this is myself and Bryan look at Shibata as the measuring stick of what professional wrestling is," Ospreay said. "If you watch what Bryan Danielson did when he faced Shibata, because I remember it, the guy got a quick flash victory. You want to know the difference between my victory? I took all that punishment, no ones got that endurance like I've got endurance, and how did I beat him today? Storm Driver, Hidden Blade, 1-2-3, wasn't flash, wasn't a fluke victory, it was just me being the better wrestler." 


As far as Ospreay is concerned, he might be banged up and might have a few bruises when he wakes up, but when it comes to Dynasty, he is looking forward to it more than anyone. "I'm still ready to go round-for-round with one of the best around, Bryan Danielson. 21st of April can't come soon enough, see you there sunshine, hope you're feeling fit."

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