Vince McMahon Sells Another 100 Million Dollars Of TKO Stock

Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon has reportedly sold more TKO stock through the course of March 2024. A recent SEC filing has revealed that McMahon has sold 3,484,006 stock worth approximately $100 million between March 5 and March 25 of 2024.


The SEC filing has revealed that the disgraced former WWE Chairman still has 11.5 million TKO shares following this past month's sale. Earlier this month, McMahon dumped $412 million worth of TKO stock, and following the WWE-UFC merger last year, he sold stock worth over $700 million. He has collectively sold over $1.2 billion in TKO stock since the merger last year, and his latest share sale marks the third time he has sold TKO stock.

Earlier in the month, Endeavor President Mark Shapiro revealed that TKO wasn't involved in McMahon's stock sale at the time. He highlighted that the former WWE CEO's shareholdings reduced from 28 million shares to 15 million shares. He also added vehemently that TKO is not in conversation with McMahon and that he will never return to the company.


In January, McMahon resigned from the TKO Board of Directors as well as the Executive Chairman of the company after sex trafficking allegations were leveled against him. Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel replaced McMahon's position as the Executive Chairman in February. McMahon, who has had a litany of allegations against him over the decades, was forced to step down from his roles in both WWE and TKO over the last year after he was accused of sexual harassment and sex trafficking.