AEW Star Kenny Omega Recalls Time He Had A Wardrobe Malfunction In The Ring

Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has had some iconic ring gear throughout his career. His love of video games has bled through into his stylistic choices, leading him to wear some of the more striking costumes in wrestling. However, at one point Omega's gear got in the way of him working a match.


During a recent Twitch stream, Omega told the story of when he worked for WRP, the Wrestling Retribution Project, a promotion that was set to be filmed in a similar style to the way Lucha Underground was filmed a few years later. Omega was brought in to play the character of Scott Carpenter, and during a match with fellow AEW star Luther, known in WRP as Father Dante, he managed to hit a shooting star press to his feet after throwing Luther out to the floor. While the move was executed perfectly, Omega heard people saying to cut the cameras. Why? Because of an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction for Mr. Carpenter.

"Tommy Dreamer was the person to say cut the camera," Omega said. "I go over to Tommy and I'm like 'Tommy, what the f**k?' He goes 'Kenny, we've got to cut it,' and I was like 'WHY?!' and I'm standing up to Tommy like 'WHY DO WE HAVE TO CUT IT?!' and he goes 'Kenny your b***s are hanging out.' I looked down, fish hooked my tights, and that was it, that was my wardrobe malfunction." Omega noted that he was wearing traditional black trunks, as the people in charge of WRP didn't feel the need to make special Scott Carpenter gear. Had they chose to make said gear, they may have spared themselves the moment of seeing a little too much of Omega.


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