Jack Perry Comments On AEW Star Jon Moxley After Targeting His NJPW Protege

Though he is still reportedly contracted to All Elite Wrestling, Jack Perry has recently emerged as a regular fixture for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Upon his debut at Battle In The Valley in January, Perry painted a target on rising NJPW star Shota Umino, who carries forth a notable mentor-protege bond with one of Perry's AEW colleagues – Jon Moxley. During an interview with NJPW, Perry was asked how he felt about Umino's connection to Moxley.


"It's interesting that even though we've worked in the same company, I've never crossed paths in the ring with Jon Moxley," Perry said. "He's pretty much universally respected, somebody that calls himself the Ace of the World, and there's a good case for that. But when it comes to him and Shota ... From personal experience, I used to have a mentor, and there's a lot you can get from that, but at a certain point there are things you can't figure out unless you're on your own. He needs to have the balls to step away from the comfort of someone who's been around much longer and can lay the foundations for you. I'm sure he's benefitted a lot from Moxley. Let's see what you've got when it's just you."


Perry's comments come ahead of his battle against Umino at NJPW's Windy City Riot event on April 12. Two months after attacking Umino at Battle In The Valley, Perry faced him one-on-one in the first round of the 2024 New Japan Cup, scoring a victory in the process. Along with his win, Perry simultaneously joined the House Of Torture stable, which has been in frequent opposition to Umino. 

Given this recent series of events, Perry and Umino are now slated to meet for a rematch at the aforementioned NJPW Windy City Riot event. Umino's mentor Jon Moxley is also scheduled to appear at the show, as he challenges Tetsuya Naito for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.