Jade Cargill Officially Making WWE WrestleMania Debut In Big Six-Woman Tag Match

Jade Cargill has been branded as one of WWE's hottest acquisitions, and for months fans have been waiting to see how well she would end up performing in the environment of the Stamford-based promotion. While she made a brief appearance during this year's women's Royal Rumble, her arrival during last night's "SmackDown" seemed to position her as a major name on the roster. Cargill notably closed the show alongside Bianca Belair and Naomi after she wrecked all three members of Damage CTRL. Fans speculated that this was foreshadowing a WrestleMania 40 match, due to the sign hanging above the three women, and according to an official WWE announcement, the match is now set.


Outside of her Royal Rumble appearance, Cargill has yet to compete in WWE, and with WrestleMania 40 happening next weekend, she'll have one more "SmackDown" to give fans a hint at her improvement. The former AEW TBS Champion enjoyed a slickly-produced entrance during "SmackDown," which only heightened the star power many have claimed she has, but her performance in the squared circle has always been a point of division.

Even before her WWE signing, fans wanted to see Cargill compete against Belair, but considering that she's teaming up with her and Naomi, WWE could be using the moment to help Cargill further hone her skills before being thrown into the deep end. Notably, unlike some of the other acquisitions the promotion has made in the past year, Cargill has gone straight to the main roster and skipped a tenure on "WWE NXT," which means WWE brass likely has faith in her abilities.