Booker T Calls Jade Cargill 'Perfect Star For WWE,' Would Rush Her To The Main Roster

With reports surfacing of Jade Cargill potentially jumping ship from AEW to WWE, there's been chatter surrounding how WWE might introduce "That B***h" to its audience. While some have argued that Cargill would be better off polishing her in-ring skills on WWE's developmental brand "WWE NXT" before jumping to the main roster, others have made the case for Cargill to be fast-tracked to either "WWE Raw" or "WWE SmackDown" simply due to her undeniable star presence. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is siding with the latter group, and believes Cargill would instantly shine on WWE's main roster.

"Jade Cargill has WWE written all over her," Booker said on "The Hall of Fame." "She's a WWE superstar. It's not that she couldn't fit in AEW ... I'm saying she is what WWE has always promoted ... that super-athlete, that super-soldier. This is something I anticipated. Her star power is so huge right now ... they [AEW] put the title [TBS Championship] on her but didn't even have to make her the champion. She was still the focal point of that whole thing." Booker acknowledged that although Cargill is "a little green" with her in-ring ability, she's grown leaps and bounds as a performer since debuting in 2020.

"I think in the WWE, she's going to progress a whole lot quicker," Booker continued. "WWE is not going to put her in positions where she's got to do a lot of the stuff that those girls in AEW want to do — like go out there and have a deathmatch or one of those crazy matches. In WWE, her star power is gonna grow like crazy. She's gonna be a megastar in WWE."

'Jade Cargill is a main event attraction right now'

Among the attributes of Cargill that have impressed Booker, he's most drawn to her "overall presentation" and her ability to stand out from her peers. Booker believes this intangible quality will hold Cargill in good standing in WWE, where character often takes precedence over in-ring skills. "You can tell she puts a whole lot of thought process into her presentation," Booker said of Cargill. "That's one thing a lot of people can't teach you ... In WWE, she'll get a chance to work with a lot of different girls that she's gonna learn a whole lot from."

Booker then explained why Cargill would be better served debuting on WWE's main roster rather than heading to WWE's Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. "She's got that type of star appeal," Booker said of Cargill. "In "NXT," she would overshadow just about everything that's going on there. Jade Cargill is a main event attraction right now. Sign her, put her in the game right now, because on-the-job training is what Jade Cargill needs."

While Booker does acknowledge that Cargill's exit is "a loss for AEW," he feels confident that Tony Khan's company will be able to recover, since they "never put much stock" into their women's division. "I don't know more than three or four women in AEW right now. Can you name five women in AEW?" Booker asked his co-host Brad Gilmore, who listed off five names but not before giving the question much thought. Finally, as he looks ahead to Cargill's rumored WWE debut, Booker already envisions a powerhouse pairing that he likens to the iconic team of himself and Stevie Ray. "Can you imagine Bianca [Belair] and Jade as a tag team? All that muscle! That's Harlem Heat all over again!"