WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson Announces Launch Of The Four Horsemen Network

For over four years, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson has hosted a weekly podcast, "Arn," where the veteran performer talks about key moments from wrestling's past. Anderson and his business partners have now announced an expansion to this venture with a re-branding of their YouTube channel, becoming The Four Horsemen Network. In addition to the continuation of "Arn," the channel will feature a new show, "Straight Talk With The Boss: Magnum TA & Greg Gagne."


Magnum TA, whose real name is Terry Allen, wrestled for just a few years before a tragic car accident brought an early end to his career. However, Allen made quite a name for himself in the relatively short time he was active, with his legacy enduring even today. Though not a member of the faction himself, Allen notably feuded against the members of the Four Horsemen in Jim Crockett Promotions.

Allen's new podcast co-host, Gagne, is the son of the legendary Verne Gagne, wrestler and promoter for the AWA. The show is described as "putting the spotlight on the legends of yesteryear that have helped pave the way for pro wrestling to grow into the global entity it is now."

Sharing his thoughts in a press release announcing the news, Anderson stated that he was excited to partner up with Allen after the two shared the ring many times in their heyday. The rebranding of Anderson's entire YouTube channel with a Four Horsemen theme indicates that more new shows may be coming but, so far, only "Straight Talk With The Boss" has been announced.


New episodes of "Arn" are released every Tuesday. An official premiere date for the new series has yet to be announced, but Anderson encouraged interested fans to subscribe to The Four Horsemen Network to learn more when the time comes.