Former WWE Star Gangrel Recalls Relationship With Late Wife Luna Vachon

During the 1990s, one of the most unique couples in pro wrestling was Luna Vachon and future WWE star Gangrel. The couple met while working on the independent circuit in the 1990s, married in 1994, and would often work together as an act, with Vachon serving as Gangrel's valet in several different companies, before divorcing in 2006. Despite that, Gangrel would say the duo remained on good terms after, up till Vachon passed away in August 2010.


Speaking at a "Monopoly Events," Q&A, Gangrel was asked about Vachon and told the story of how he first met her in Florida and was intimidated by her at first. Despite that, and a particularly wild encounter where he described Vachon biting him in the back, Gangrel had nothing but glowing things to say about the late wrestling legend, how wonderful a person she was despite her struggles, and how special she was to him personally.

"She was an amazing person," Gangrel said. "What people didn't realize, they'd see all the toughness, they'd hear the stories of the fights and her personal battles with schizophrenia and depression...It's a serious thing, and it should be taken seriously. But what people didn't get to see about her was how kind and how caring her heart [was], and how much she truly loved professional wrestling, and she would lay down and die for it. She had a heart as big as that temper, and they equally matched, and they balanced her out, ying and yang. She was an amazing, beautiful human being, and I was proud to share part of my journey with her. It's everlasting, and I thank her for everything that I survived all these years. Thank you Luna. Love you."


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