Owen Hart's Widow Martha Reacts To Janel Grant Lawsuit, Vince McMahon Allegations

It's now been two months since Janel Grant's lawsuit against Vince McMahon, accusing McMahon of sex trafficking abuse, first became public, with the lawsuit being discussed by many in and out of the wrestling business. One person who hadn't touched upon it to date had been Dr. Martha Hart, the widow of former WWE star Owen Hart, who herself sued McMahon and WWE for the wrongful death of Owen in 1999, using the money from the settlement to start The Owen Hart Foundation in his name. Hart would later sue WWE again in 2010, accusing WWE of wrongfully using Owen's name and likeness, deceptive business practices, and not paying royalties to Owen's estate, with the lawsuit later being settled in 2013.


Last week, Hart was a guest on NewsNation's "Banfield" program, where she talked about Grant's lawsuit against McMahon. Referring to Grant's description of herself as a "vulnerable" person in the lawsuit, Hart stated she was stunned to see what the complaint alleged, though she did admit that she wasn't shocked at all to see that McMahon was dealing with a legal situation.

"No, I was not surprised when I heard there was yet another lawsuit," Hart said. "Over the years, the WWE, they've had a lot of lawsuits and they've had a lot of bad press. And I'll tell you, I read all of these 67 in that complaint, and it is absolutely horrific. And I have to say, the level of wickedness that's described is beyond the pale, in that complaint, and anyone with a shred of humanity would find the indignant acts just incomprehensible, frankly. So, it wasn't a shock that there was another lawsuit. But the level of, I guess, depravity, there certainly was [a surprise]."


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